Nathalie Pires - Nominated for
 International Portuguese Music
 Awards, Best Fado Performance
 and Song Of The Year.

 Nathalie Pires in ITALY
 Teatro Mediterraneo di Napoli
 Concerto dell’Epifania 'Rai 1' TV
 Sunday, January 4th 2015

 December 18, 19 and 20  


 The Drop of Dawn
 The music of Christopher Tin
 Carnegie Hall, New York
 Sunday, April 13, 2014

 Nathalie Pires - Nov. 02, 13
 PALCUS Young Portuguese
 American "Promessa"
 Leadership Award.


 Fado Heritage of Humanity
 A message from Nathalie.

  On November 27th of 2011, Fado was declared
 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  Congratulations to all fado singers, musicians,
 poets, composers and everyone that loves and
 respects the "Soul Music of Portugal", for this
 well deserved distinction. LONG LIVE THE FADO!

 Nathalie Pires


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Via Enrico Caruso 80125 Napoli, ITALY

Teatro Mediterraneo
Concerto dell’Epifania 2015
Orchestra di Santa Chiara
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Asvest 1, 2611 PK Delft, NETHERLANDS

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3511 WC Utrecht, NETHERLANDS

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47 Vrijthof, Maastricht, Limburg, NETHERLANDS

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Almost like by the mystery of its origins, fado comes into little Nathalie’s life, who still cannot explain if fado elected her, or was that thirteen year old girl who elected fado. What is perfectly clear is that from the time she was accompanied by a Portuguese guitar for the first time, fado took over her voice and her senses, a fado-singer was born, and immediately began to be noticed by the bright tone of her voice, stage presence, and the feelings transmitted every time she sang the beautiful songs of traditional fado, quickly becoming a serious case of popularity among the Portuguese communities in the United States of America.

 Nathalie Pires is proof that fado was already a World Heritage, long before recognized and declared by UNESCO in November 2011.
Born and raised in Perth Amboy New Jersey, in a family of Portuguese emigrants who always supported her in her desire to achieve her objectives.
A determined fighter, refused to have a serene life, and traveled from city to city, taken the 'Soul Music Of Portugal' to the most diverse communities and ethnic groups scattered throughout the United States, managing her time to comply with her studies, Portuguese, English and singing.
Nathalie is fluent in English and Portuguese, has dual citizenship, American and Portuguese, has a degree in accounting from Rider University, graduated in May of 2009 and is currently working in the accounting business.

In her artistic career recorded her first album, "Corre-me O Fado Nas Veias" (Fado Runs In My Veins), which was awarded with the AUA (United Artists of America), " Lusíada Award" for "Best Fado Album of 2007" recorded in the USA.

In the several hundred performances in some of the most prestigious venues in the USA, highlight 'Garnegie Hall', the 'Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts' in Washington DC', ‘United Nations' in New York', Boston State House' in Boston Massachusetts’, 'NY Red Bull Arena' in Harrison New Jersey', ‘BAM Brooklyn Academy Of Music' in Brooklyn New York', ‘Central Park' in New York, 'International Portuguese Music Awards at the Zeiterion Theatre' in New Bedford Massachusetts’, 'NY Botanical Garden' in Bronx New York’, 'Philadelphia Museum of Art' in Philadelphia Pennsylvania', ‘W Hotel - Union Square' in New York', ‘NYC Drom' with the band 'Fado in Si Bemol', '( le ) Poisson Rouge’, 'in New York, accompanied by the 'Manhattan Camerata', among many others venues of equal importance.

Highlights of the most relevant international performances:
Special guest of 'Tim Ries and The Rolling Stones Project’, in Klagenfurt Austria.
‘ICTM Festival, World Conference 2011’, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
'VI Gala Prémios Amália’, invited by 'Fundação Amália Rodrigues' in Lisbon.
Declaration of Fado as World Heritage, at the “The Fado Museum' in Lisbon .
City2Cities cultural festival, had the honor of sharing the stage with famous singer Celeste Rodrigues, singing together in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Also sang in several Fado retreats in Lisbon: 'Adega Machado' and 'O Faia' in Bairro Alto, 'Sr. Vinho' in Madragoa, 'Mesa de Frades', 'Clube de Fado', ‘Taverna Del Rey' and 'Casa de Linhares' in Alfama.
Considered to be the highest representative of the Portuguese musical culture in the USA, in 2013 Nathalie Pires represented Portugal in nine concerts, in the three most important international musical culture festivals in the United States. Montana Folk Festival in Butte Montana, Lowell Folk Festival in Lowell Massachusetts and The Richmond Folk Festival in Richmond Virginia, attended by dozens of artists from around the world and an audience of over half a million people in the three festivals.

Received numerous awards and recognitions: Beyond the 'Lusíada Award' assigned to her album 'Corre-me o Fado nas Veias ', she also accomplished the following:
March 15, 2008, famous artist Anita Guerreiro offered to be and became Nathalie’s "Artistic Godmother", a great honor and an old fado tradition.
April 3rd 2010, was awarded the 'Breakthrough Award' at the '1st Great Fado Night', organized by Lusomedia in Newark, New Jersey.
May 29, 2010 is honored and distinguished as the "New Revelation of Fado in New England" and " The Most Beautiful Voice of the New Generation", in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
November 28, 2011, received a medal of merit from the 'Amália Rodrigues Foundation' in the 'Amalia Rodrigues House-Museum' in Lisbon, for being an "Ambassador of Fado and represent Amália with dignity out of Portugal".
Her participation in the ballade ‘Mais um Minuto' (Another Minute) on the album 'Learning To Fly' from O Manel Dos D'Alma, helped win the ‘International Portuguese Music Awards' “People's Choice Award”, in a poll done by internet voted by people from more than 40 countries.
On November 2, 2013 in San Diego, California, the singer received another important recognition for her artistic and cultural work, by being awarded with the ' PALCUS Young Portuguese American "Promessa" Leadership Award". The (Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States) awards, are the most important recognition for the Portuguese communities nationwide (USA).

Having flooded further from the Portuguese communities, the singer had interviews on radio shows as well as newspapers of great importance in the U.S. and Canada, that elevate her to be "The fresh face of Fado" as the 'The Boston Globe' newspaper called her, "Ambassador of Fado" - 'Amália Rodrigues Foundation', "The New Voice of Fado" - 'Luso-Americano' newspaper, “Great Voice and Natural Talent" – ‘24 Horas’ newspaper, among other publications that elevated her name, Fado and especially Portugal.
Nathalie Pires is recognized to be the Portuguese artist with more performances in New York.

Nathalie Pires continues to spread our musical culture, integrated in the " Manhattan Camerata" orchestra in New York, as the lead singer in performances and recordings for the ‘Tango-Fado Project', Sang the National Anthems of Portugal and the USA in several events of high importance, also presented educational workshops in English about fado and the Portuguese culture, in universities and colleges in the USA and Canada, serving as inspiration for artists and young singers emerging day by day. It really is a very intense journey, but truly enriching and rewarding.

Nathalie is currently traveling between Lisbon and New Jersey, for the recording of her second album, projected to be released worldwide in 2015.

Estranha forma de vida
Fado Português
Festa brava à portuguesa
Loucura (Austria)
Museu do Fado (Lisboa)
Cansaço (Manhattan)
Barco negro (Manhattan)
Povo que lavas no rio
Com que voz (New Jersey)
USA Anthem (New Jersey)
Cansaço (Lisboa)
Estranha forma de vida
Povo que lavas no rio

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